One Step and I am Elsewhere

  • Greg Giannis


I am interested in the journeys, many of these on foot, undertaken by displaced peoples of the world, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants of all walks of life. I am currently conducting a walk that constitutes the first leg of a larger journey from the northern border with Albania to Lesvos, a journey undertaken by a group of Albanian migrants I encountered during a walking residency in Lesvos in 2008. The final leg of the journey will involve walking from the port in Mitilene, Lesvos to
my parent’s villages, where I encountered the Albanian families.
The work is a tribute to all displaced persons that seek to return to their birthplaces (including my now deceased parents) and this yearning to ‘return’ which never leaves, and their right to do so.

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Giannis G. (2020). One Step and I am Elsewhere. Journal of Public Pedagogies, (5), 61-77.