Pedestrian Pedagogy: The Walking Library for Women Walking

  • Dee Heddon University of Glasgow
  • Misha Myers Deakin University


The Walking Library for Women Walking (2016-18) is an edition of the ongoing creative research project, The Walking Library. Co-created and launched in 2012 by Dee Heddon and Misha Myers, The Walking Library explores the multiple relationships between walking, literature, and environment (see Heddon & Myers 2014, 2017, in press).

For each edition of The Walking Library, we invite donations and suggestions of books to accompany what we propose is a pedestrian pedagogy: a learning that takes place on foot and on the move in the company of others (present and virtual), sharing and creating knowledge side-by-side, step-by-step and without hierarchy. Pedestrian pedagogy facilitates meaning-making as emergent and re-orientating (Osberg et al., 2008). In this pedestrian pedagogy learning is improvisatory and relational, engendered through the collaborative and collective body of walkers moving through space and time, side by side, in the company of each other and a diverse collection of books.

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HeddonD., & MyersM. (2019). Pedestrian Pedagogy: The Walking Library for Women Walking . Journal of Public Pedagogies, (4).