Walking Borders, Risk and Belonging

  • Maggie O’Neill University College Cork
  • Ismail Einashe Cambridge University


Walking borders, risk & belonging makes a case for using walking as a biographical interview
method (WIBM) in order to do critical public pedagogy—using conjunctural analysis—that engages
in unsettling and troubling the white, male privilege and basis of walking, and indeed the
‘turn’ to walking rooted in Eurocentric practices. The authors build upon a long history of: i) using
walking, participatory and arts-based methods (ethno-mimesis) to do social research on migration
with migrants, and; ii) the importance of creating space for stories of asylum, migration and
marginalisation to be shared and heard through critical pedagogy, critical journalism, and walking
as an arts-based research method.

How to Cite
O’NeillM., & EinasheI. (2019). Walking Borders, Risk and Belonging. Journal of Public Pedagogies, (4). https://doi.org/10.15209/jpp.1173